Riverdale's Sabrina the Teenage Witch spin-off has moved to Netflix

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Sabrina tells the story of Sabrina the Teenage Witch with a wicked twist on the story from Archie Comics.

Now, as any Riverdale fan knows, outbrooding Jughead Jones is an extremely tall order, but, having read the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic ... yeah, she's definitely up to it. Executive producers include Berlanti, Aguirre-Sacasa, Krieger, Sarah Schechter, and Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater.

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The untitled series based on the Archie Comics character is headed to Netflix with a 20-episode, two season order.

It still focuses on Sabrina Spellman and her growing awareness of her powers, but in the book she also must decide whether to embrace her witch roots or become fully mortal, while fighting dark forces that would harm the everyday world.

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A project that was originally going to be developed for The CW has found a new home.

In the introduction to Chilling Adventures' original collected edition, Aguirre-Sacasa said this of the comics' tone: "If Afterlife with Archie was about Lovecraft and zombies and body horror, Sabrina would be more psychological, a bit more subtle (but only a bit), a bit more sexual (as stories about witches often are)". Netflix's interest in Sabrina is not surprising. It aired on ABC for its first four, then moved to The WB (now The CW) for its final three.Season 1 of "Riverdale" is currently available on Netflix, which is credited with boosting the show's ratings in Season 2. According to Variety, Warner Bros.

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It also makes sense to split Sabrina off into her own show, rather than introducing full on magic into "Riverdale" - the simple inclusion of supernatural elements could very easily derail the main show, even if it wouldn't be completely out of place in such a peculiar world. But producer Greg Berlanti loves a bit of stunt casting when called for (See: original movie Supergirl Helen Slater and former TV Superman Dean Cain as Kara Danvers' parents on Supergirl), so don't be surprised if Melissa Joan Hart gets some kind of role on this new series. No word on when the show will arrive on Netflix, but filming is expected to begin in February 2018.