Sony is crafting a rewards scheme based around PlayStation's trophy system

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While you can find guides all over the internet on how to collect trophies for pretty much every game out there but these games are a good start for those who want to get started on their trophy hunting journey. Well, now you can. The reward scheme, which is available in the U.S. only, lets players earn points for racking up Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophies but the caveat is that your existing trophies don't count. Barring some astonishing improvements in life expectancy, you won't ever get rich from it, but you can earn points by unlocking Trophies and in turn trade these in for PSN credit to buy games.

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However, now that PlayStation has announced that its Rewards program in the United States will take trophies into account, earning you PSN store credit for devoted play, the average player has a nice incentive to begin trophy hunting. Converted through PlayStation Rewards, that equals $1,583 of PSN credit. Silver trophies are worth one point, Golds are worth 10 and Platinums are worth 100. Maybe you have a plethora of easy games to platinum on hand that will let you earn some quick cash.

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Subscribe to 3 PlayStation™Network services and earn 500 points. Thanks to the new Sony Rewards program, it seems Sony are willing to offer a bounty for collecting trophies; though it'll take a while to reap the best rewards.

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Microsoft Xbox boss Phil Spencer heard about it, and has tweeted a very gracious comment about Sony's new program. If you have physical Sony movie discs in your collection, you can even register five of them to receive a free digital movie. Sony and PS3 did not include a trophy system at launch but instead added it in a few years later.