Saudi Arabia pushing Israel into war with Hezbollah and Iran

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"Hariri's resignation was done with planning by Donald Trump, the president of America, and Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia", said Hussein Sheikh al-Islam, adviser to Iran's supreme leader.

"Lebanon and the great Lebanese people became in the eye of the storm and subjected to international condemnations and economic sanctions because of Iran and its arm Hezbollah", he said.

At his family's urging, he returned to Beirut to enter politics, playing a key role in mass demonstrations that ended with the departure of Syrian forces from Lebanon after a 30-year presence.

"We are living in a climate similar to the atmosphere that prevailed before the assassination of martyr Rafik al-Hariri", he said in the broadcast from the Saudi capital Riyadh.

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On Saturday, Hariri unexpectedly offered his resignation during a televised speech from Saudi Arabia, saying that his life was in danger and he cited the "grip" of Iran on the country.

The resignation marks the end of a shaky Shia-Sunni political alliance forming the government, which has somewhat managed to keep away the violence battering neighbouring Syria. "If Lebanon goes back to no functioning government and Hezbollah and Iran are seen as responsible for that, that damages the legitimacy of Hezbollah in Lebanon".

Hizbullah and Iran expressed the desire to maintain the stability of the regime and the calm in Lebanon.

"Over the past decades, Hezbollah has unfortunately managed to impose a fait accompli in Lebanon by the force of its weapons, which it alleges is a resistance weapon, ".

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Nasrallah ignored the published reports that there was a plan to assassinate Hariri in Lebanon. Less than two years later, 11 Hezbollah members of his Cabinet resigned, causing a coalition government to collapse.

The main significance of Nasrallah and President Aoun's remarks is that the Lebanese government is not disintegrating in light of the announcement of Hariri's resignation.

The prime minister must be a Sunni in Lebanon's sectarian system. He has postponed a visit to Kuwait and directed military and security agencies "to maintain stability", it said. "Saudi Arabia is more concerned than Israel about Iran", he said. Israel is not interested in escalation in the near future, and the same is true of Hezbollah.

The United States is considering new sanctions on Hezbollah, as part of a tougher stance against Iran and its allies, that Lebanese politicians have fretted could hurt the economy. Hezbollah's first priority is to achieve victory in Syria, to make sure the Ba'ath regime prevails there.

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