Raiders' Michael Crabtree has suspension reduced to one game

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After being briefly separated, both players broke away from teammates and threw punches at one another while running around on the field.

Without those two, as they were for the majority of Sunday's game, the Raiders would rely on Cordarrelle Patterson, Seth Roberts and Johnny Holton at receiver.

Talib and Crabtree have history with one another. First, you punched a Broncos opponent Chris Harris in the midsection, resulting in him being removed from the game. "Such actions have no place in this game, engender ill will between teams, and lead to further confrontations". Raiders guard Gabe Jackson was also thrown out of the game after making contact with an official. Both players were ejected after the fight less than three minutes into the Raiders' 21-14 win against the Broncos, so the pair of veteran starters are in line to miss essentially three out of 16 games, pending appeal of the suspension. Crabtree missed the first game between the teams this year but didn't wait long to seek revenge.

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It does make me wonder if Talib had not gone back a second time, would he had just received a fine? They did run into two media members on their way to the ground. When everyone rose, the fight carried into the near end zone.

At one point on Sunday, Talib removed Crabtree's helmet and threw it at him. Talib, who went to Kansas, and Crabtree, who went to Texas Tech, have had problems in the past, including an altercation in 2016. At the Coliseum, the only way to get into the tunnel is through the home sideline.

The NFL said that part of the reason why Crabtree was suspended was because he punched Broncos cornerback Chris Harris in the chest, but Crabtree said he was merely blocking Harris and that he blocks the same way every game.

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Both players were ejected from the game. The NFL evidently reviewed that play, too, since Runyan referenced it in his letter to Crabtree.

"The series of flagrant violations for which you are being disciplined began less than three minutes into the game", Runyan wrote, per

"I came out there to play football on Sunday", Talib said. Cincinnati Bengals receiver A.J. Green threw multiple punches at Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey earlier this season and the National Football League didn't suspend him.

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"You deliberately ripped your opponent's chain from his neck just as you did previous year when you played against him", Runyan said of Talib. At the time, Crabtree said he made a "business decision" not to retaliate.