Email scam targets Netflix users

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According to Deadline, more than 100 million subscribers have been targeted by the scam thus far; there's no word as to how those emails were obtained.

The scam emails are "relatively well-designed", said Australian cyber security firm MailGuard in a blog post which noted the emails began targeting email accounts Friday.

As many as 110 million Netflix subscribers received a scam email from a hacker in an attempt to steal personal data and credit card information.

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While previous Netflix scams have simply asked users to update their billing information, the latest scam is more worrisome - falsely telling users that their accounts will be suspended unless their payment information is updated within 48 hours.

Netflix subscribers should be careful.

In order to reduce your chances of being affected, Mr Marshall said filters for your inbox and a layered security system are vital to ensure you don't fall victim.

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The email looks like it's from Netflix and claims the users account with the streaming service will be canceled, Mailguard warned.

With the detailed data the fake website form asks for: address; credit card details; driver's license; mother's maiden name; etc, the scammers could potentially execute an identity theft and gain access to the victim's bank accounts as well as their credit cards.

The page looks legitimate with a Netflix logo and popular Netflix shows like The Crown and House of Cards, Deadline reports. Scammers can make their fake emails and bogus websites look pretty convincing, so it's always a good idea to check carefully that the email comes from the actual company domain and not a scammer.

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This screen shot from Mailguard shows what you are likely to see if you click on the link in the email.