Who Is Sally Jones? ISIS Member 'White Widow' Allegedly Killed In Syria

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U.S. spy chiefs reportedly told MI6 that Sally Jones was killed close to the border between Syria and Iraq in June.

British jihadist Sally Jones has been killed in a United States drone strike in Syria, Sky sources say.

Jones, one of ISIS's top recruiters, was reportedly a high priority on the Pentagon's "kill list". There have been several such claims of IS militants having been killed only for them to resurface months later.

Jones, a former punk musician, frequently recruited young women and spread ISIS propaganda online.

News of her death was not made public amid fears that her 12-year-old son Jojo may also have been killed, according to The Sun.

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Broadcasting from NY, the LBC presenter said: "It's all well and good the government saying these people are legitimate targets".

I guess that career didn't pan out for her, because she had converted to Islam, changed her name to Sakinah Hussain and moved to the Syrian Islamic State stronghold, Raqqa.

Mr Fallon also stressed that IS was preparing and inspiring terror attacks in the UK.

She became radicalized after travelling to Syria following an online romance with convicted computer hacker and IS member Junaid Hussain, who died in a 2015 drone strike. Hussain had previously been killed in a drone strike in 2015.

Born in Greenwich, London, she encouraged individuals to carry out attacks in Britain, offering guidance on how to construct home-made bombs.

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Later, Jones also images of her in a nun's costume with a gun and talked about her desire to behead Christians with a "nice blunt knife".

If reports of Jones' death are true, she would be the sixth Briton killed by drones in Syria.

Jones became Britain's most wanted woman after leaving her home in Kent, south east England, in 2013, to join IS, taking son Jojo with her.

Major General Chip Chapman, the former MoD head of counter terror, told Sky News Jones was a "significant" target for the U.S. and UK.

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