North Korean delegation considers nuclear weapons only way to ensure security - lawmaker

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There are real fears that North Korea has become a nuclear threat, something the wider world sees as unacceptable.

North Korea says its nuclear weapons are for self-defense, and that Pyongyang is prepared for an increase in sanctions or a USA military option.

Not for the first time in recent weeks, there's been another chilling warning from North Korea.

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A high-ranking North Korean official says the country's development of nuclear weapons is necessary because of the threat posed by the United States and contends the nuclear program is for deterrence.

In addition, North Korea announced the possibility of a nuclear test soon in the Pacific, and US President Donald Trump threatened to completely destroy the country. He said the USA can forestall war through unified and consistent rhetoric, increased cooperation with key global players and a focus on increasing diplomatic and military capacity to properly address North Korea.

"The entire continental part of the United States is within reach of our missiles, and if the U.S. dares to invade our sacred territory even by an inch, they will face serious consequences, Kim Ying Ryong claimed".

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The Deputy UN ambassador said that North Korea has completed its "state nuclear force this year and thus became the full-fledged nuclear power, which possesses the delivery means of various ranges, including the atomic bomb, H-bomb and intercontinental ballistic rockets".

"This is a hard way, but we restated Russia's position and our opinion that apart from the talks, apart from search for yet political and diplomatic solutions in hard conditions, the situation will continue aggravating, which may have serious consequences for North Korea regarding the humanitarian component", Matvienko stressed.

LUXEMBOURG-The European Union banned the sale of oil and oil products to North Korea on Monday, in a largely symbolic move aimed at encouraging countries that have more significant levels of trade with the country to follow suit.

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