Brownwood scout leaders support decision to let girls join

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Communications manager Kristi Osterlund said while Girl Scouts are not concerned, the announcement will translate to a decrease in enrollment for Girl Scouts.

"We believe we are in this all together and for what's best for the kids", said York.

The change will open the organization to potentially hundreds of thousands of girls.

That's the word from Ruth Strawser, director of brand and strategy for the Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana Michiana. She says the troop is about family, rather than gender. "We offer an all-girl, girl-led environment, which girls need. I think that any effort to gather more young people of different backgrounds will only strengthen the mission of scouting". "They still need the same traits", Conrad said.

Faced with a decline in numbers and under increasing pressure from organizations like NOW to modify their rules, the Boy Scouts caved once again.

Douglas has seen something similar happen in the military, as women have taken on roles that traditionally belonged to men.

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Because of the organization's 1916 charter, which admitted only boys, Sydney was never allowed to officially join, but nevertheless she tagged along with Bryan, wearing the same uniform, earning -though informally - the Arrow of Light, the Cub Scouts' highest award, and camping among Boy Scouts.

The dynamic of weeklong camping trips wouldn't be the same, for example.

The Girl Scouts learned back in January that the Boy Scouts were considering opening their ranks to girls, Margosian said. "Will Eagle Scout still be a great, sought-after thing?" he mused.

Increasing interest among young girls and families in the Boy Scouts is one reason why York believes the change was made. "That's a boy thing, in my opinion", he said. Boys behave differently when girls are present, and thus will lose something only found in a single-sex environment.

But what does this mean for existing packs of Cub Scouts? She welcomed the Boy Scouts' decision to admit girls, yet in the same statement bemoaned the fact that Girl Scouts seem to struggle more than the BSA in terms of financial support. "The values of Scouting - trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, fearless and reverent, for example - are important for both young men and women", Michael Surbaugh, chief executive of the Boy Scouts of America, said in a statement.

I recognize that there are girls and families for whom the Girl Scouting programs in their communities don't meet their needs. (You should have seen them learning to attach shingles to the roof!) They participated in the Adams Bagshare Project by making more than 100 reusable bags to help Adams reach its goal of eliminating plastic shopping bags.

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"Parents who are our leaders, are our grass roots people are there saying you know I provide program for boys, I can only be at one place at a time, I'm a single parent".

However, this is not the first time the Boy Scouts of America has offered a co-ed program.

Starting that year, girls will be placed in separate-gender individual Cub Scout dens consisting of about a half-dozen members, with the local pack having the option of combining dens of each gender or maintaining separate groups. In catering to pressure groups, the Scouts are now losing the parents who would once sought out the unique and wholesome experience of Scouting. Venturing works with youth ages 14 to 21 and emphasizes adventure, leadership, service and personal growth. "It is a lot of work and lot of girls spend months and months planning".

"A young woman can earn a swimming badge just as easily as a young man can", Giles said. Both organizations have also faced competition from conservative Christian youth groups, including American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA.

Both programs are smartly focused on character development, citizenship and loyalty. All of our youth deserve to have those values instilled in them.

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