Bloodhound supersonic auto has first public test drive

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Today at Cornwall Airport Newquay in southern England, the Bloodhound SSC completed its first test run with Royal Air Force Wing Commander and Guinness land speed record holder Andy Green at the wheel. "The vehicle did exactly what we were looking for, two runs of just over 200 miles per hour", Green was quoted as saying. That need for speed is just the first stage of an attempt to prove the Bloodhound's capabilities with an eye firmly on the main prize of an eventual 763 miles an hour.

Over 20 years later, he will be making the first public tests of a vehicle created to go over 1000mph.

It accelerated from 0-200mph in eight seconds during the first of two runs.

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It is fitted with an EJ200 jet engine, sourced from a Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

Built for speed: Bloodhound SSC is created to set a new land speed record of 1,000mph.

The Newquay run was the culmination of nearly 12 years of work which, if ultimately successful, will set a world land speed record that will stand for a lifetime, and possibly forever. For the initial record attempt, the Bloodhound will use a single monopropellant rocket which can produce around 40kN of thrust.

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After a decade of intensive planning, an extensive team of aspirant record-breakers revealed a glimpse of the British car's power at Cornwall Airport in Newquay.

Green set the record at 1227,98 km/h 20 years ago.

Project leaders say the tests are a huge step towards realising the car's 1,000mph goal since its inception in 2008. They just started to flicker with flame - very sort of Formula One, but in a proper high-speed vehicle. "It's also notable for being the longest period that we've run the auto for, at around 21.5 minutes - and remember it's created to run for just two minutes at a time in the desert".

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