Audio: SFO tower tries to get Air Canada pilot's attention

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Air Canada and the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on Tuesday they are investigating a weekend flight that landed on a San Francisco runway after the crew was told to abort, the second recent incident involving the carrier at the busy California airport. "Where is this guy going?" an unknown voice said on the air traffic control recording that day.

"Air Canada, go around".

"Air Canada 781 go-around", an air traffic controller said six times, according to a radio recording posted by the San Jose Mercury News. The crew did not circle the airport - it simply landed on the original runway.

"The tower controller subsequently instructed the Air Canada crew multiple times to execute a go-around because he was not certain that a preceding arrival would be completely clear of the runway before the Air Canada jet reached the runway threshold", Gregor said in a statement.

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"There's no one on 28R but you", the air controller told the Air Canada pilot at the time.

He said the flight crew did not acknowledge any of the instructions and did also not respond to a red light gun flashed at the plane, which is standard protocol when a flight crew does not respond to radio instructions.

At 9:26 p.m., the jet still ended up coming in for a landing, although the runway happened to be clear.

'That's pretty evident!' the controller said to the pilots over the radio.

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The incident happened three months after an Air Canada jet almost landed on a San Francisco taxiway where other planes were waiting to deport.

Air Canada is investigating the incident, airline spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said.

This is the second risky incident involving an Air Canada flight.

Had it not been for the pilots on the ground signaling with their lights, the Air Canada crew likely would have landed on top of them. Pilots told investigators "they did not recall seeing aircraft" on the taxiway but "something did not look right to them", a National Transportation Safety Board report stated.

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