Air France Flight Diverted After Engine Explodes

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Air France has immediately decided to make arrangements for two flights from Goose Bay (Canada) to Los Angeles in an effort to get the 497 passengers of Flight AF066 to their destination as quickly as possible. The airline also said that the passengers have been assisted by the dispatch team at the airport.

The passenger, Miguel Amador, posted online brief video footage apparently filmed from a window of the plane showing the damaged engine.

About four or five hours into flight AF66 from Paris to Los Angeles, there was a loud pop and the plane dropped, passenger Sarah Eamigh told HuffPost Canada in an interview.

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Any crossing of an ocean, pole or even large deserted area, no matter the number of engines, involves precautions to always have a place to divert in case of an emergency.

"We had a mid-air mayday when we lost one of our engines".

The chatter can be heard between the captain of stricken Flight 66 and the ground, as the Canadian airport it was forced to land at was readied for the arrival of the A380. The airline sent aircraft to pick up the passengers but the A380 likely isn't going anywhere soon.

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The cause of the problem was unknown, with one of the plane´s passengers suggesting that a bird might have collided with the engine which was damaged.

The crew handed out meals as they waited on the runway for hours, but even with full bellies, she said some passengers grew restless. "It's frustrating because we're not getting information", he said. The plane landed safely and there were no reports of injuries to passengers or crew. The re-routing has taken place so that the flight passed over Greenland, the aircraft landed at Goose Bay at 17H42 gmt, said the spokesman.

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