Venezuelan-Americans support country being added to list with travel restrictions

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Citizens of Chad, Libya, and Yemen won't be allowed to enter on non-immigrant business visas; only students and exchange visitor visa-holders from Iran are still allowed entry; nonimmigrant Somali nationals will be subject to additional scrutiny; North Korea and Syria are banned entirely; the restrictions on Venezuela are mostly limited to government officials and their families.

"Making America Safe is my No. 1 priority".

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry responded to the travel ban on Monday: "It is worth pointing out that these types of lists are incompatible with worldwide law, and constitute a form of psychological and political terrorism", the statement reads. "We will not admit those into our country we can not safely vet", the president said in a tweet shortly after the proclamation was released.

After considerable advance speculation, the president has issued a new travel restriction order to replace most of the highly controversial and much-litigated temporary order issued in January and revised in March.

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The Supreme Court has canceled oral arguments on President Donald Trump's travel ban and refugee ban - originally scheduled for October 10 - as both sides of the case work to file briefs on the impact of a new immigration order from the Trump administration, issued Sunday.

Starting Oct. 18, certain Venezuelan government officials and their immediate family won't be able to come to the US on business and tourist visas.

To limit confusion, valid visas would not be revoked as a result of the proclamation. It was preparing to hear arguments on October 10, before removing the case from its schedule on Monday.

Trump cited reasons such as poor security and lack of cooperation with USA authorities for including the nations on the travel ban list. All citizens from those countries will be denied visas to enter the United States once the proclamation goes into effect.

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Johnathan Smith, legal director of the advocacy group Muslim Advocates, also slammed the measure as the "same Muslim ban" and an attempt "to undermine our Constitution".

Most citizens of Chad, Libya and Yemen will be blocked from emigrating to or visiting the United States because the countries do not have the technical capability to identify and screen their travelers, and in many cases have terrorist networks in their countries, officials said. Senior administration officials said a review of Sudan's cooperation with the USA government on national security and information-sharing showed it was appropriate to remove it from the list. It also might be less easily tied to Trump's campaign-trail statements some courts viewed as biased against Muslims.

Sudan was dropped from the list of banned countries after the Sudanese government provided information required under the new criteria set out by the Trump administration earlier this year, a White House official said on Monday.

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