Trump Commission Meeting to Restrict YOUR Voting Rights — HAPPENING NOW

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Dozens of protesters gathered before the second meeting of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity's in Manchester, New Hampshire, the state that has long held the first nominating primary in the USA presidential election cycle.

In the September 7 article, Kobach said out-of-state voters "likely" changed - through voter fraud - the outcome of New Hampshire's 2016 U.S. Senate race, in which Democrat Maggie Hassan unseated incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte by fewer than 800 votes.

The event will feature three panel discussions and a demonstration of "Historic New Hampshire Voting Machines Still in Use Since 1892". The panel heard from several witnesses who have conducted studies that they say show numerous cases of people voting a couple of times, or noncitizens casting ballots illegally.

Trump formed the election integrity commission earlier this year and Kobach was soon named vice chairman. Kelly Ayotte lost by razor-thin margins last fall, have borne the brunt of these allegations. Dunlap was responding to Kobach's column in Breitbart News, which was distributed widely in conservative networks, and to unproven assertions made by Trump himself that voter fraud was rampant in last year's election.

This leads to a major problem ... because state law permits drivers to take up to 60 days to establish a residence in New Hampshire after obtaining a license.

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6,540 people registered and voted on November 8, based on presenting out-of-state licenses. This happened despite the fact Trump provided no proof that these buses or voter fraud existed.

He added that while the number Kobach uses to show that voters who registered without a driver's license is fact, the numbers alone "don't create proof". Most of the 5,300 questioned votes came from college towns.

"We often get complaints that there are out-of-state students voting, but it is legal in New Hampshire to have a MA driver's license or MA plates on your cars, and paying out-of-state tuition to the university, and still be eligible to vote because you are domiciled in New Hampshire, meaning you spend most of your nights here", he said.

"I am deeply concerned that falsehoods about illegal voting are being spread as a pretext for restricting access to the ballot box", Shaheen said. Besides Kobach's own egregious and badly flawed argument, there are no signs of voter fraud taking place in New Hampshire.

"A state with voter suppression ought not to be honored by the Democratic Party by having the first-in-the-nation primary, period", Dean said in an interview with The Daily Beast.

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The Election Integrity Commission "should be expanding the rights of our citizens to vote, instead of arguably looking for ways to keep people from voting", Alan L. King, an Alabama probate judge, wrote in a scathing open letter.

That experience prompted Dunlap to call foul on Kobach's fraud claims in the Granite State.

Kobach didn't say whether he had attempted to contact any of the supposed scofflaws, but The Washington Post did. With the growing threat of systemic hacking, along with gerrymandering, voter suppression, and ballot access challenges, which limit Americans' ability to cast their votes, there are some very real issues that threaten our elections and our democracy that need attention. I think you know from the white paper we sent you that based on our experience we have thought long and hard about what needs to be done. President Trump also tweeted about the "serious voter fraud" that had occurred in New Hampshire.

"The fact is that New Hampshire law clearly states that citizens who live in New Hampshire can vote without a New Hampshire ID".

"We'd witness a sterling example of the law of unintended consequences", he said.

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Since 2013, proof of citizenship is required for voter registration. The theory, which has been hawked by Trump himself, is that these voters sneaked over the border - or were even bused in! - from neighboring Democratic strongholds like MA or Vermont, in a huge conspiracy to swing the election.