Star Trek: Discovery's Klingons Represent the Franchise At Its Best

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Usually the violent "other" in Star Trek lore, Discovery gives the familiar antagonists their own point of view, backstory, culture, and reasons to fight. Internally, CBS expects that number to rise as 7-day delayed viewing is taken into account.

If anything, the first two episodes' biggest weakness is their tendency to stray into clunkiness at times.

For anyone who saw it, a recent meme summed up the continuing relevance of Star Trek's fifty-year history to the present day.

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There is plenty of groundbreaking in the Star Trek series as the first episode (titled The Vulcan Hello) aired on traditional CBS television while the second (titled Battle At The Binary Stars) could be seen in it's permanent home: the CBS All Access subscription service.

Launching today in all Netflix territories excluding the U.S. and Canada came the premiere episode for new sci-fi series, Star Trek: Discovery.

The series also stars James Frain, Rainn Wilson, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Chris Obi, Mary Chieffo, Terry Serpico, Maulik Pancholy, Sam Vartholomeos, Rekha Sharma, Kenneth Mitchell, Clare McConnell, and Damon Runyan.

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The USS Discovery, in the form of a light effect, flies over NY. Rather, Michael Burnham (played by Sonequa Martin-Green) and Phillippa Georgiou (played by Michelle Yeoh) called the shots and fired the phasers-roles typically reserved for white men. Star Trek: Discovery's take on them is no different, but these new Klingons have been shrouded in mystery.

Johnson: I am blessed to be co-writing the comic with Kirsten Beyer, who is a writer on the show (as well as an acclaimed Star Trek novelist).

So far there's been as much discussion about Star Trek: Discovery's distribution model as there has been about Star Trek: Discovery.

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The first two episodes of "Star Trek: Discovery" are now available on CBS All Access. While Star Trek: Discovery has a lot to do with this, the recent surge is also partly thanks to the return of the National Football League and the popular Big Brother franchise. "Just as importantly, for everything questionable about the design, it still feels like 'Trek.'" He also said, "For the first time in ages, I'm looking forward to watching more new 'Star Trek.' It's a good feeling". Burnham's early life and education are glimpsed in flashbacks: her first meeting with Georgiou is a chilly one, to say the least, thanks in no small part to the logical and emotionless personality she has developed. It makes sense since Discovery's timeline is set 10 years before TOS. But seven years on, the relationship between the two women has warmed considerably, although Burnham butts heads with the cowardly Saru (why you would appoint someone like that as science officer remains one of the show's many inconsistencies). That in turn capped the streaming service's best week and month ever in new sign-ups.