Saudis call on Myanmar to allow Rohingyas to return

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Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday took on critics of government's policy on Rohingyas, saying why they have an objection to the deportation of "illegal immigrants" when Myanmar is willing to take them.

The first recommendation says the Bangladesh government has to take further steps for Rohingya refugees.

Communal tensions remain high across Rakhine where raids by Rohingya militants at the end of last month sparked a massive army crackdown, driving more than 420,000 people into Bangladesh in what the United Nations has called a campaign of "ethnic cleansing".

South Korea plans to provide the assistance through the International Organization for Migration to help the refugees in Bangladesh, it also said.

The Rohingya crisis is a "textbook example ethnic cleansing", a top United Nations official recently said.

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The crisis has prompted a global chorus of condemnation against Myanmar's government for failing to blame the all-powerful military for the renewed violence, which French President Emmanuel Macron called a "genocide".

Many countries have protested against the persecution of the community, following a violent crackdown by the Myanmar army that left hundreds dead and sparked an exodus of more than 410,000 people from Rakhine to Bangladesh.

The NHRC intervention came ten days after the MHA told states that they have powers to identify and deport such people while noting that infiltration from Rakhine state of Myanmar in the recent years has become a burden on the limited resources of the country. Among the Buddhist-majority population of Myanmar, there is an extremely strong sense of prejudice against Rohingya Muslims.

Talking to reporters here, Owaisi said Chakmas had from Bangladesh similarly and they were given Indian citizenship.

"But the Myanmar government is not responding to the calls".

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"The issue of national security is involved with regard to illegal immigration which our country can't undermine", he said.

In her Tuesday speech, Suu Kyi condemned abuses and said all violators would be punished, adding that she was committed to the restoration of peace and the rule of law.

The minority is regarded as undocumented migrants by the Myanmar government and is deprived of access to vital state services suchas healthcare and education.

The United States said on Wednesday it would provide an additional $32 million in humanitarian assistance to help deal with the crisis, bringing its total assistance for refugees from Burma in the region to almost $95 million for fiscal 2017. Instead of denouncing the violence perpetrated by the military, Suu Kyi said more time was needed to investigate why so many Rohingya are fleeing.

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