Nurse Refuses Blood Draw On Unconscious Patient "You're Under Arrest'"

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In the video, Wubbels calmly begins telling officers what she needs before she can release vials of blood from a patient who is in a comatose state.

Salt Lake City police are facing a public relations disaster over a video of a detective who arrested nurse Alex Wubbels at University Hospital as she explained its policy on blood draws.

"So I take it without those in place I'm not going to get blood", the officer asks.

Wubbles said at a recent press conference: 'I just feel betrayed, I feel angry. Wubbels was then informed she was under arrest and was placed in handcuffs while being dragged out of the hospital screaming for help.

Dramatic Before and After
Dramatic Before and After

Wubbels told Payne that because the patient was not able to give their consent and without a search warrant, she could not authorize a blood draw and would not do it.

Ms Wubbels was held in the vehicle for 20 minutes in the stand-off on July 26 but later released without charge.

Per Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake police Sgt. Brandon Shearer said the department started an internal investigation in response to the incident.

"You can't just take blood if you don't have a legitimate concern for something to be tested", Wubbels said.

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"People need to know that this is out there", she said Thursday.

In the video of the July 26th incident, released by the Salt Lake City Police Department, the officer approaches the nurse and takes her into custody.

Wubbels declined the request, saying non of those conditions were met.

"Sir, you're making a huge mistake right now", a hospital staffer then told the cop, who replied, "I'm leaving now, with her".

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Footage from a police body-camera shows Ms Wubbels explaining to the officer that she could not extract blood from the patient, who had been injured in a auto accident, due to a recent change in the law.

"You're assaulting me stop!" Charges were never filed against her.

Video footage of the interaction between nurse Alex Wubbels and Salt Lake City Police Det. "This is something that you guys agreed to with this hospital", Wubbels said to the officer.

In the end, Ms Wubbels was not charged with an offence. "A blood draw gets thrown around like it's some simple thing, but blood is your blood". The officer was still on duty but had been suspended from the department's blood draw unit.

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