Israel bombs Syrian chemical and missile plant

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In an interview in Israel's Haaretz daily last month on his retirement, former Israeli air force chief Amir Eshel said Israel had hit arms convoys of the Syrian military and its Hezbollah allies almost 100 times in the past five years.

Though it is unclear if it is related, Lebanese media had reported early on Thursday, 7 September, that Israeli jets were seen in Lebanese airspace. The United Nations has repeatedly stated that Israel's occupation of the Golan Heights is illegal, calling for it to be returned to Syria. However, Assad has yet to carry out an attack on Israel hours or days after an alleged strike.

The Syrian army statement said the Israeli strike, which it said took place at 2.42 a.m.

The Syrian Army said that "such hostile acts" will have "dangerous repercussions" for the "security and stability of the region". The government has blasted accusations of chemical weapons use in Khan Sheikhun as "fabrications".

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While he refused to confirm that Israel carried out the airstrikes, he said that if it did, it would show "Israel intends to enforce its readiness despite the fact that the great powers are ignoring them".

So this latest alleged attack sends a clear warning, not just to Hezbollah and Damascus but also to Russian Federation - the other crucial supporter of the Syrian government.

According Arab media, the site attacked is a Syrian center for the development and production of weapons, including long-range missiles and possibly chemical weapons.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said that a military storage camp next to the research center was used to store ground-to-ground rockets and that personnel of Iran and Hezbollah had been seen there a couple of times.

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Reuters said an Israeli army spokeswoman refused to discuss the reported strike. "If the attack was conducted by Israel, it would be a commendable and moral action by Israel against the slaughter in Syria", he tweeted.

Four Israeli jets flew over Lebanon and fired at the Scientific Studies and Research Centre (SSRC) base at Masyaf in Hama province.

During their meeting in Berlin, Rivlin told Merkel that Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Lebanese militia, is building "weapons infrastructure" that "will force Israel to react", according to a statement released by the official President's Residence in Jerusalem.

Back in April, President Trump placed sanctions on the facility's employees after Syrian rebels used chemical weapons to attack civilians. He said those killed and wounded were Syrian soldiers guarding the facility, and that he did not know if any Iranians were wounded.

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