Construction begins in Otay Mesa on President Trump's border wall prototypes

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The area runs parallel to the U.S. -Mexico border and is just a few yards away from a preexisting border fence.

Construction on the eight wall prototypes began today (Tuesday, September 26) in San Diego with four of the prototypes made of concrete, while the other four will be constructed of alternate or "other materials".

"Our multi-pronged strategy to ensure the safety and security of the American people includes barriers, infrastructure, technology, and people", said Vitiello in a statement.

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The top designs for a concrete wall came from four companies: Caddell Construction Co (DE), LLC, of Montgomery, Alabama; Fisher Sand & Gravel Co., DBA Fisher Industries, of Tempe, Arizona; Texas Sterling Construction Co., of Houston, Texas; W. G. Yates & Sons Construction Company, of Philadelphia, Mississippi.

With an expectation for protests and demonstrations in response to the border wall construction, county officials unanimously approved the urgency ordinance, which takes effect immediately. A contractor is scheduled to inspect each model, which will be up to 30-foot high and 30-foot long. Coincidentally, people who live along the border have rejected Trump's border wall project in the past, due to its cost and the geology of the river valley. "We're spending a tremendous amount of money and we're going to have that".

"We consider the prototypes political theater for a wall that has no funding, and has really no way to exist", said Soto.

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Construction was expected to last less than a month, CBP officials said.

"We want to protect our borders. Second, they will provide an innovative perspective in the application of new materials, which will allow CBP to evaluate the potential for new wall and barrier designs to complement the current wall and barrier used along the Southwest border".

In nearby streets, signs have been posted prohibiting vehicles from parking there between September 26 and November 10.

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Though the process is moving forward, there are many obstacles to the Trump administration's plans for a wall. Both waivers are in California, including one that covers the site of prototype construction.