China to limit oil product exports to North Korea

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An natural disaster with a magnitude of 3.4 that appears to have been artificial occurred in North Korea on Saturday, a Chinese monitoring agency said.

Saturday's reports of seismic activity come at a time of rising tensions between the United States and North Korea, with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump engaging in an escalating war of words over Pyongyang's nuclear program.

Kim on Friday threatened the "highest level of hard-line countermeasure in history" in a tirade against Trump´s warning that Washington would "totally destroy" the North if the USA or its allies were threatened.

The move escalated tensions with the USA and North Korea's neighbors, and this week its foreign minister said the regime's options included testing a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific Ocean.

Tensions are extremely heightened after President Trumps horrific speech at the United Nations where he called Kim-Jong-un the "rocket man", Jong-un said that Trump's speech was the "most ferocious declaration of war in history".

South Korea's weather service has rejected a claim that a recent quake in North Korea was caused by an explosion, saying it was a natural tremor.

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The CTBTO (Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization) was founded in 1996 to monitor compliance with an accord negotiated in the 1990s that bans nuclear explosions. "Once we can assess the nature of this threat, the President will make a decision regarding the appropriate actions".

"The USGS said that their seismologists confirmed it happened at a depth of 5KM and said, We can not conclusively confirm at this time the nature [natural or human made] of the event". "The limit on crude oil exports seems to have been excluded from this announcement due to statistical reasons". It purports to do this by banning vessels and aircraft that have delivered cargo to North Korea from accessing the United States for 180 days.

"China is signaling to both Pyongyang and Washington that it plans to be active in enforcing recent UNSC resolutions", said Andray Abrahamian, a fellow at the Jeju Peace Institute.

"North Korea may assume that nuclear weapons will ensure the survival of its regime".

China is to limit the export of refined oil products and totally ban exports of liquefied natural gas and gas condensate to North Korea, as well as textile imports from that country, the Ministry of Commerce has announced.

President Trump has said the USA will impose new sanctions on North Korea and praised China for taking measures to financial transactions with the nation.

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Kim Jong Un of North Korea, who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starving or killing his people, will be tested like never before!

Australia is now seeking a seat on the UN's Human Rights Council next year, which would be the country's first time on the peak human rights body.

North Korea has one nuclear test site - Punggye-ri.

In a series of meetings this week at the United Nations, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has reiterated to various foreign counterparts that apart from sanctions, the resolutions also call for dialogue to resume and that this needs to happen.

In August, China's imports from North Korea were $288.3 million, up 84.4 percent from July and down 1 percent from a year ago, based on data on the customs website.

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