Amazon, NASCAR give fans interactive products on Alexa device

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More supply chains for AI-based voice assistant devices and smart speakers have begun to emerge as almost all heavyweight tech companies including Google, Apple, Samsung Electronics, Amazon, Microsoft and China-based Alibaba, Xiaomi Technology and Tencent all have jumped on the bandwagon, according to industry sources. TechCrunch says that multiple sources have tipped it off about Google's upcoming competitor to the Amazon Echo Show and Echo Spot devices.

Please don't mistake my scepticism for a lack of excitement, I'd buy the hell out of any Google Home screen device.

With the Echo Plus taking falling in line with the dimensions of the Original Echo speakers, Amazon has made a decision to upgrade the Echo to give it a trimmed look, cutting its dimensions by 3.35-inches to make it measure 5.9-inches in size.

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The report emerges just a day after Amazon unveiled a slew of new Echo devices, all enabled to run Alexa, the internet retailer's voice assistant.

When it comes to aesthetics, there is not much difference one can find between Google Home and Apple's HomePod. It's possible that the Manhattan device could be announced at the upcoming event.

To start with the video calling feature, Echo Show has a 5-megapixel front shooter, which is enough to make video calls. The Alphabet-owned firm later rejected that opinion and guaranteed that the way in which Amazon incorporated YouTube into the Echo Show is an infringement of its terms of service, without clearing up on the issue.

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"Google has chosen to no longer make YouTube available on Echo Show, without explanation and without notification to customers". The Echo Show differs from other devices in that it includes a screen to display images and a camera for video-calling purposes.

The device will launch in Q4 in the USA and early 2018 in the United Kingdom and Germany. Extend that out to Assistant on Wear or on the Google Home and now the TV and again you'll get different and inconsistent experiences; this isn't good for Google's stated "one voice assistant" model.

Amazon also added a premium version of its Echo device priced at $150 that can act as the central controller for home automation gear like connected light bulbs and window blinds. According to Amazon, YouTube was removed "without explanation and without notification to customers".

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