WWE Bans Beach Balls After Weekend Crowd Issues In Brooklyn

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Jinder Mahal was forced to defend his WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura with numerous WWE Universe considering Nakamura to be the heavy favorite to win the Championship heading into their showdown in Brooklyn at SummerSlam.

Roode, who lost his title on Saturday in what we now know was his last match on NXT, interrupted Aiden English before beating him in a match with a "Glorious DDT" to send a message to the locker room. The general manager said all he saw was a champion who can't win without the Singhs, so Mahal called Bryan a xenophobe. The SmackDown GM then introduced Shelton Benjamin, saying he would be a great tag team partner for Gable. Zayn said that he will not help Owens so he will not volunteer to be the special referee tonight. "The ravishing reign of terror begins. and it will not stop until you become champion", she said.

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Backstage, Daniel Bryan was on the phone.

Carmella tries to stay out of the match but once she's tagged in, Naomi hits her with the split-legged moonsault to pick up a win, gaining some of her momentum back. He and Styles argued about it for several moments.

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We see Corbin talking with Styles backstage. Back in the ring, Styles snapped Owens' neck over the top rope and hit the Phenomenal Forearm with McMahon counting to three. If Owens loses, he will not be allowed to challenge for the United States Championship until AJ Styles drops the title. Owens tapped to the calf crusher but McMahon was still trying to regain his bearings at ringside.

Owens was granted a final shot at the title and selected Baron Corbin as the guest referee after McMahon's inconsistent performance in a striped shirt at SummerSlam. Owens makes some claims (with video evidence) as to how he got screwed and things get heated with him and Shane McMahon. Owens stared down towards the ring at Shane and Styles as WWE "SmackDown" went off the air. Styles said that Corbin will have an opportunity if he answers the U.S. Open challenge because the challenge will be open every week. McMahon put it on and declared himself as the new referee.

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