Trump says Missouri Sen. McCaskill should back tax cuts or lose re-election

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The speech, at 2707 N. Barnes Street, will be aimed at promoting tax reform.

President Trump is set to speak in Missouri today where he will reportedly continue to tout his tax plan's benefits for the middle class even though it would actually concentrate its tax cuts at the top - and could even hurt low- and middle-income families.

Loren Cook, which was established in 1941, describes itself as a "leader in the design and manufacturing of fans, blowers, gravity vents, laboratory exhaust systems, and energy recovery ventilators".

The aide said the objective of the speech was for the president to speak to the American people about "why tax reform and relief is needed to unrig the system and jumpstart our economy".

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The sharp criticism from Democrats is an early indication that, despite Trump's entreaties for support from both parties, his version of tax reform remains highly partisan - and faces a tough road through an exceedingly polarized Congress.

The White House Monday notified journalists in Springfield President Trump is scheduled to arrive in Springfield Wednesday afternoon. "And if she doesn't do it for you, you have to vote her out of office", Trump said to applause. US business leaders are urging action among Republicans to level the competitive playing field for American companies through a tax code overhaul.

He spoke in broad strokes, saying that it was a "monumental thing that happened" when Ronald Reagan authorized lowering the corporate tax rate to 34 percent in 1986.

They are heading to Springfield, Missouri where the president is expected to deliver remarks about tax reform.

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The economy has been bright spot for Trump's troubled presidency, with unemployment rates falling and growth rates reaching their fastest clip in over two years.

"I think Congress is going to make a comeback, I hope so", Trump continued, to cheers from the audience.

The White House official said Tuesday that the tax code legislation will be an "unified proposal" between the administration and GOP House and Senate leaders in order to improve its chances of passage and said conversations with lawmakers are ongoing. "Republican will win S", Trump wrote.

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