Tillerson on Gorka's Resignation Letter: 'Completely Wrong' in Assessment of Trump Policy

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Gorka, 46, had been on vacation for at least the last two weeks, the officials said on the condition of anonymity.

In his first post-Trump administration interview, former White House counterterrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka said former chief strategist Steve Bannon and others in their camp have been "systematically undermined" in the White House.

Sebastian Gorka has been speaking out in the days following his departure from the White House, but looking forward, he has a Star Wars analogy for what's ahead.

Earlier Saturday, Trump provided reassurances about the emergency response to the hurricane, tweeting that he was "closely monitoring" the situation from Camp David as the storm dumps torrents of rain on Texas and leaves hundreds of thousands of people without power.

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Expressing his strong belief in the Trump presidency, Gorka in his letter has also written, "Your presidency will prove to be one of the most significant events in modern American politics".

Gorka, who frequently appeared on cable news shows to tout Trump's policies, was seen to be a divisive figure within the administration by veteran intelligence professionals and diplomats as an ideologue with little real-world experience.

Gorka's exit - which several White House officials told CNN was a dismissal rather than a resignation - was just the latest in a series of high-profile White House departures in recent months.

The memo, released by the White House, laid out in more detail a ban on transgender individuals serving in the United States armed forces that Mr Trump announced via Twitter last month, reversing a policy shift started under his predecessor, Barack Obama.

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You can listen above (the relevant part starts at the 7:45 mark), via Breitbart News Saturday.

In an interview with the Economist published on Friday, Bannon said that Breitbart, which he has called a "platform for the alt-right", would never betray Trump, but would hold the president's feet to the fire if he deviates from his campaign promises.

From past reports, it appeared that the issue was his inability to get a security clearance, making it impossible for him to do substantive work on his claimed areas of expertise such as national security.

Gorka was sacked by the White House on Friday.

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What was his role at the White House?

He made a number of warnings about Islamic terrorism while at Breitbart.