Samsung launches 1.2Gbps LTE modem

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The South Korean tech giant worked closely with Anritsu, a telecommunication measuring instrument provider, for the new Cat.18 6CA LTE modem technology.

Samsung Electronics has developed LTE modem technology for its mobile processors that supports 6CA (carrier aggregation) and achieved a maximum downlink speed of 1.2 gigabits per second (Gbps). The new system combines up to six frequencies rather than five and will offer more stable data transfers, Samsung says.

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Samsung said the 20-percent improvement in maximum downlink speed can allow mobile device users to download a movie in HD resolution within 10 seconds. Earlier this year, Samsung presented the its Cat.16 LTE modem with 1 Gigabit (Gb) downlink speed and the first 5CA support in the Samsung Exynos 9 Series (8895) SoC that is integrated into the Galaxy S8 series. Unless roadmaps change drastically, none of the US carriers will support six carrier aggregation in time for the next iPhone or the Galaxy S9. It will also enable buffer-less video calls and mobile live-broadcasting.

Samsung said the new modem will be in mass production by the end of this year, which means it could be part of Samsung's next Galaxy smartphone.

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In addition, the company empowered telcos to efficiently utilize their existing frequency resources and equipment by applying enhanced licensed assisted access (eLAA) technology, which can utilize some of unlicensed band frequencies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

"With the increase of high-quality online content services, the demand for high-performance LTE modems continue to rise as well", said Woonhaing Hur, VP of LSI Protocol Development.

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