Google Allo for PC: Limited to the Chrome browser

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It also features stickers and smart replies for a single tap responses. In February, Nick Fox, Google's VP of Communications Products, teased a screenshot of a desktop web app for Google Allo.

While this web client basically brings over the Allo client to the web, it doesn't carry everything that the mobile version offers. During your first visit, the home page will show a unique QR code and ask the user to scan it with the Allo app on the smartphone in Menu- Allo for web- scan QR code. If you normally browse with Firefox, Safari or Edge, you'll need to fire up Chrome or opt to continue without Allo web. Google made no mention of a limit on the number of devices you're able to connect to your Allo account so it remains to be seen whether such a restriction exists. Scan the QR code on your browser, and tada!

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Once the pairing with mobile app is accomplished, you can access all your chats, groups, Google Assistant in Allo app on your PC too.

Finally, Google has released the web client of its messaging app Google Allo. There's the left pane where all your conversations are, and there's the wider right pane featuring the actual chat bubbles and threads. So far, the Google Assistant was only available for the mobile app and Google Home. When it comes to IMs Google's strategy is a big mess. It can also help in suggesting restaurants and movies inside the chat. Its lack of features and poor transition experience from older Google messaging apps has led to a sluggish adoption rate.

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However we should point out that Allo for web is now only available for Android devices. Alternatively, there is an "Allo for Web" tab as well.

You can use all sorts of stuff such as emoji, stickers, and more. That's a figure Google doesn't reveal. When you look at places like India, this services has about 38 percent of the overall downloads of Allo.

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