New Street Fighter V Character Announced: Abigail from Final Fight

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Judging by his gameplay reveal trailer, Abigail looks like he's going to be a problem to handle. Akuma came back with a lion's mane, the cold queen Kolin entered the heat of battle, Ed was transformed from feeble lad to bonafide boxer, and now Abigail joining Street Fighter 5 roster.

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EVO 2017 has produced a stack of news of interest to fighter fans, including two confusingly similar announcements for Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7.

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It can be recalled that Abigail was originally one of the members of the bulky bruisers in the Mad Gear crew in "Final Fight", but players were highly unlikely to cross paths with the giant until towards the conclusion of the game. I'm already interested in Abigail given his massive size, and I'm definitely curious how to manage his footsie game given how little room he has to move around. In Street Fighter V, Abigail is a giant that takes up most of the screen and is quite intimidating once he starts approaching his opponent. Further, there is something ridiculous about his character, and he is seen driving an imaginary vehicle as part of his introduction.

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Abigail's Critical Art sees him grab his opponent, stick them up into an imaginary stage ceiling, then use them as a punching bag before smashing them onto the camera. It's called Metro City Bay Area, and shows Abigail's Scrap Metal yard in the background. The pass will cost $29.99 and come with the other DLC characters for the second season. The costumes will be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam starting July 25 and will cost $3.99 each.