Google Glass makes return with updated Enterprise Edition model

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Companies interested in the Glass Enterprise Edition headsets won't be buying them through Google, though. The design has also been overhauled to focus on lightweight hardware, battery life, and wearability, the post said.

Using GE Aviation as guinea pigs, the company introduced new functions like a heads-up display with instructional videos, animations, and images, "so [users] don't have to stop work to check their binders or computer to know what to do next".

The Glass team would be collaborating with the Google's Cloud team and other partners to help its customers in making the most of the product, the piece states further. At agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO, Glass's introduction has been credited with a 25 percent production time decrease and 30 percent reduction in pre-delivery inspection time.

"More than 50 businesses, including AGCO, DHL, Dignity Health, NSF International, Sutter Health, The Boeing Company and Volkswagen are using Glass to complete their work faster and more easily than before", the added.

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Google have brought back the face-mounted camera, Google Glass, two years after it appeared to have, well, disappeared. Hit the link for more details.

"We first saw signs of Glass' potential for businesses in the Glass Explorer days", explained Kothari.

Using Glass, healthcare professionals can take notes while they talk with their patients, which cuts down on the time they have to spend typing up notes, for instance.

Google Glass, the company's ill-fated, before-its-time augmented reality headset, is back more than two years after the company killed the consumer version.

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So you thought Google Glass was dead? Similarly, DHL increased supply chain efficiency by 15 percent after integrating Google Glass into their systems. Google discovered this and began work on a product built by a team dedicated to building a new version of Glass for the enterprise. These include General Electric, whose airplane mechanics use Glass for engine manuals and blueprints, and Brain Power, which uses it as a tool to help with autism or traumatic brain injury.

Alphabet today lifted the non-disclosure requirement on its Glass EE from the partners and opened up the program for more and more enterprises to join.

So far, there is no word on Glass potentially returning to the consumer market.

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