Flight Attendant Smashes Wine Bottle on Unruly Passenger

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Photos from inside the plane reveal blankets and food strewn across the cabin floor while a spilled beverage can be seen dripping down the exit door.

Hudek did not speak during the hearing. His attorney, Robert Flennaugh II, declined to comment, according to The AP.

Delta flight attendants receive seven to eight weeks of initial training and recurrent training of which a "significant portion" focuses on the safety of passengers and flight attendants, according to a Delta spokesperson.

Hudek had been traveling on a "dependent pass", the complaint said.

Hudek appeared to be unfazed, Special Agent Highley reported. He asked a flight attendant for a beer before takeoff, and was served one, but he exhibited no sign of being intoxicated and ordered no other alcoholic drinks, the attendant told authorities.

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About an hour into the flight, he went into the toilet, came out and then went back in, court documents say.

He went to the bathroom, asked a flight attendant a question and then "lunged toward the forward right exit door of the aircraft, grabbed the handle, and attempted to open it", the criminal complaint read.

Two flight attendants grabbed him, but he pushed them away, the complaint said.

"He started yelling for help", Jones said.

One passenger got him in a head-lock, but he broke out of it, until finally several passengers held him long enough to place zip-tie restraints on him, Ms Highley wrote.

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A physical altercation ensued between Hudek and two flight attendants, one of whom he punched in the face at least two times. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, one flight attendant and one passenger suffered serious injuries to their faces in the fracas as fellow passengers and flight attendants teamed up to prevent Hudek from getting to the exit door. However a flight attendant involved in Thursday's incident said that if the altercation had occurred at a lower altitude, the door might have opened. Police boarded the plane to arrest Hudek, who was handcuffed and rolled out in a wheelchair.

The flight turned around and landed at Sea-Tac at 7:10 p.m. Perry Cooper, a spokesman for the Port of Seattle, described the injuries as non-life-threatening.

Hudek was charged with interfering with a flight crew.

Joseph Daniel Hudek IV is a 23-year-old son of Delta Airlines employee Linda Hudek.

'He's a great kid, he's a real good guy; he works hard, saves his money, I don't know what happened, ' his grandfather, Joseph Hudek said to Q13.

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