No interest in renegotiating Paris climate deal; McKenna

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The U.S. abstained from sections of a Group of Seven (G7) communiqué related to climate change action, the Paris climate agreement and global development funds focused on mitigating the impacts of climate change, according to a joint statement following a meeting of G7 environment ministers.

"We're absolutely committed to climate action and the Paris Agreement", Catherine McKenna told reporters following the meeting of the G7 environment ministers in Bologna, Italy on Sunday and Monday.

Galletti and Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the US Environment Protection Agency, held a pre-summit meeting on Friday in which they agreed on the need to reduce food waste, which also has environmental implications.

Pruitt said in a statement later on Sunday that the United States had always been a world leader on environmental stewardship and "that was demonstrated on a global stage today".

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Trump's representative at the meeting, Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environment Protection Agency, was unrepentant, insisting U.S. action spoke louder than words.

By GCR Staff0 CommentsStriking a posture of defiance against US President Donald Trump, the governor of the state of California has used a visit to China to pledge his commitment to the Paris Accord on climate change and to sign a cooperation deal with China on developing low-carbon cities and green technology.

Greenpeace's Jennifer Morgan, said: "Paris is non-negotiable and the leadership shown by the G6 countries, along with the cities, states and businesses in the USA in moving the agreement forward swiftly is fundamental. It's really encouraging, and it may be that, ironically, the decision to vacate Paris energizes the pro-climate movement", Democratic Sen. The U.S. will become the third country not to be part of Paris.

Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement will cause that relationship to worsen because it sends a signal to the United States' European allies that the abandoning them on fighting climate change.

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But the United States pointedly did not sign on.

She said the G7 ministers also discussed the importance of USA states, cities and businesses in tackling climate change. But in spite of all the made-up hysteria about the Paris climate agreement, the Trump decision shouldn't be all that controversial.

Pruitt was not around for the joint statement issued by the G7 ministers on Monday, where the United States stood apart from its peers on climate change.

Trump cited the negative impact of the treaty on the USA auto industry, among many others. The final declaration of the event also included other issues of world interest such as the fulfillment of the goals of the UN Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, particularly on Africa, the efficiency of resource management related to circular economy and management of marine waste.

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Supporters of the Paris accord have called Trump's move a blow to worldwide efforts to tackle dangers of global warming.