Israel approves largest West Bank settlements in 25 years

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"It's up to our members of Congress who value human rights and want to guarantee a safe and just future for all children in the region to demand Israeli authorities respect worldwide law and be held accountable for ongoing violations against Palestinian children". "The worldwide community, including Congress, must pressure Israel to respect human rights".

Israelis were justifiably exhilarated when on the third day of the Six-Day War, the country's army captured the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, locations that resonate more than any other in Jewish history as area on which the First and Second Temples stood. The Israeli delegation to the United Nations condemned the ad and called for an investigation. "We also recognize that this victory inaugurated fifty years of occupation that has infringed on the human rights of Palestinians, left too many Israelis and Palestinians dead or injured, and continues to threaten Israel's long-term survival".

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The construction of settlements in the region is considered illegal under global law. Many Palestinian neighborhoods have suffered neglect and underfunding.

Though this argument is constantly refuted for ignoring the power dynamics in the Palestine-Israel conflict, the oppressive nature of settlements and the detrimental financial and humanitarian effect settlements have on Palestinians in the West Bank. Forces also detained three freed prisoners from al-Jalazoon refugee camp for trying to enter Jerusalem without entry permits.

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They are the first new settlement announcements since Trump's visit to Israel and the Palestinian territories last month, when he tried to encourage both sides back to the negotiating table.

While the prisoners are regarded in the Palestinian society as heroes who sacrificed their freedom for the liberation of their homeland, the Israeli society sees all of them as terrorists.

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Cliff Savren is a former Clevelander who covers the Middle East for the Cleveland Jewish News from Ra'anana, Israel.