'World's heaviest woman' admitted to hospital after shedding 323 kg

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Eman, a resident of Alexandria in Egypt, had not stepped out of her house for more than two decades due to her obese condition followed by a stroke that left her paralysed on one side a year ago. She is now weighing 170 kg or 374 pounds.

"We have arranged for a hydraulic stretcher from Italy for Eman's journey and she will have doctors, paramedics and nurses with her during the journey", Sanet Meyer, director of medevac at VPS Burjeel, told Agence France-Presse ahead of the trip.

An Egyptian woman believed to be the heaviest in the world has left hospital in India after losing more than 51 stone (324kg) thanks to weight-loss surgery. What's more, the underlying problems with her thyroid, kidney, liver, and lung tests were said to be under control.

Eman (36), who was accompanied by her sister Shaimaa Salem, would be shifted to VPS Burjeel Hospital for further treatment.

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Mason had also undergone gastric by-pass surgery in 2010 initially, and lost 628 pounds.

After the treatment of the worlds heaviest woman - Egypts Eman Ahmed - at a hospital here created controversy, the Maharashtra government has made a decision to come up with guidelines to deal with global patients. "Which doctor would be out of his mind to seek publicity on the most hard case where the odds are so heavily loaded against you?" he said last night on NDTV, responding to criticism of Ms Ahmed's privacy being compromised.

Shaima had earlier accused surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala of not carrying the treatment properly, alleging heavy dose of medecines leading to ill effects on "brain activity". Amid controversy about her weight loss and the spat between her sister and her medical team, the 37-year-old is now on her way to Abu Dhabi for further treatments.

Doctors in India have refusing to continue treating Miss Abdulati - saying they have fitted a gastric band and now she needs to continue the work on her own at home.

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Refuting the allegations, Aparna Bhaskar, section chief of bariatric surgery at Saifee Hospital, had said that Shaimaa may be criticising the doctors to extend her sister's stay at the hospital.

Mumbai: Footage of Eman Ahmed being moved through a wheelchair in a Mumbai hospital exposes the insensitivity with which her send-off was handled.

The surgery comes after El Aty had been confined to her bed for the last 20 years as her health continued to get worse.

"When she was brought here, she was not even able to pass through the CT scan machine".

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