United Kingdom election: May seeks similarly 'strong mandate' to Macron

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The French interior ministry said on Monday the centrist candidate had been elected president with 66.06 per cent of valid votes cast in Sunday's runoff election, after accounting for all but 0.01 per cent of France's 47 million registered voters.

However, French voters had opted for a "future in Europe rather than in resentful isolation" and delivered "a victory of hope and optimism over fear and reaction", said the newspaper, which has been sharply critical of Trump.

Russian President Vladimir Putin urged Macron to bridge deep rifts between Moscow and Paris and work together to fight the threat of terror.

According to Dhuicq, LR which is now divided between advocates of vote for Macron and those who refused to endorse him after the elimination of LR candidate Francois Fillon in the first round, is on the verge of being remodeled.

Macron's win is the third European nail-biter in which populist parties failed to win top positions.

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Richard Verber, Senior Vice President of the Board said: "While the far right did alarmingly well in this election, in the country with Europe's largest Jewish population, it is a relief to see the force with which the French people have rejected the politics of division and despair".

Le Pen scored well on France's Mediterranean coast in the south east, getting close to 50 percent in many departments, like the Var, where she gained 49 percent.

All three cases would reassure global investors because they would enable structural reforms to be implemented, strengthening France's growth potential, Boone said. Macron said at the time.

But the success of what analysts at Morgan Stanley dubbed "Macronomics" to describe the incoming president's "market-friendly and pro-reform" and "moderate and incremental" agenda will depend on legislative elections in June, analysts say. Macron is the first president of modern France elected as an independent.

Le Pen, leader of far-right party the National Front, had accused Macron of being "weak" on Islamist terrorism shortly after she scooped 21.4 per cent of the popular vote in the first round of voting, on April 23.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he wanted to work together with Macron on a "progressive agenda" to "promote worldwide security, increase collaboration in science and technology, and create good, middle-class jobs on both sides of the Atlantic".

Le Pen's National Front (FN) and the other elections losers are all hell bent on bouncing back in the parliamentary vote.

Claiming a "massive" result of 33.9 percent - a record for the FN - she promised "a profound transformation" of the party to widen its appeal.

Macron will face a host of difficulties trying to gain a majority of seats in the parliamentary elections with such a newly created party.

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