Trump repeats criticism of Germany, Merkel stands by stance

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The US and Germany are also not on the same page on climate change issue.

"The era in which we could rely completely on others is gone, at least partially", Merkel said. Though Germany isn't debating European Union membership, it's in the run-up to an autumn general election.

Signs of discord between major European powers and Washington surfaced after the recent G7 summit in Italy.

"He said they're very bad on trade, but he doesn't have a problem with Germany", Cohn told reporters during Trump's nine-day trip overseas.

But Germany's Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel didn't mince his words while taking on Trump.

In a thinly veiled dig at the Trump administration, Merkel said "protectionist tendencies" were increasing worldwide and this made it necessary to remain open and ensure conditions for negotiations are fair.

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Her foreign minister, a political rival, upped the rhetoric Monday by declaring that with Trump's policies, "the West has become smaller". Meanwhile, the European Union has continued to hold its interest rates at zero. Donald Trump has been vocally anti-EU. "The partnership is advantageous to both countries, but I think our relationship also has great significance internationally".

The comments follow criticisms of the USA from both of Germany's ruling coalition parties, including directly from Chancellor Angela Merkel. According to a report in The Hill, Schulz slammed Trump, "The chancellor represents all of us at summits like these".

This was enough for Trump to react it seems.

Donald Trump may not be so sure about North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, but the U.S. vice-president and the defence secretary say they are fully committed.

On May 25, Donald Trump had charged Germans for cornering business and jobs in the US. Last week, meeting with European Union leaders, Trump said Germany is "very bad" for flooding the US with cars.

"The way we can work on that together where we have discussions, where we agree, is going to continue to be based in openness, in frankness, in robust exchanges", said Trudeau.

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In response to Trump's criticism, Sigmar Gabriel had quipped that the USA automakers needed to come up with better cars.

A weak currency makes goods that country exports less expensive, and thus more competitive in global markets.

Relations between the United States and Germany veered further toward crisis on Tuesday as President Donald Trump complained about the USA trade deficit with Germany and said it must pay more for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military alliance.

Days earlier, in Saudi Arabia, Trump had presided over the single largest U.S. arms deal in American history, worth $110 billion over the next decade and including ships, tanks and anti-missile systems.

Following the G7 summit, which concluded at the weekend, Mr Trump has said he needs more time to decide if the USA would continue to back the Paris climate deal.

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