Teens Risk Lives By Climbing Golden Gate Bridge Without Safety Gear

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As if climbing the iconic structure wasn't enough, the duo also made a decision to dangle from the cables and hang off the edge of one of the towers. They could face charges for trespassing and posing threat, specifically to motorists if one of them fell, Los Angeles Times reports.

More than a month after the death-defying stunt was performed, Golden Gate officials say they have launched an investigation and are planning to beef up security on the bridge. In April 2008, the bridge was scaled by two Sausalito men and an Oakland woman to protest China's treatment of Tibet and the impending arrival of the Olympic torch.

According to the DailyMail, the teenagers were able to climb the structure 746-foot structure in about ten minutes, after slipping under security fences unnoticed.

"This incident raises questions about how such an unauthorized climb was possible and the potential harm to drivers below if one of the climbers had fallen onto the roadway", Priya David Clemens, of Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, said. The actions of these individuals did not harm the structure, nor could they have harmed the structure.

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Peter Teatime's social media profile is full of videos of him free-climbing and performing parkour stunts, along with several photos of him standing on top of buildings.

Teatime has expressed a will to cooperate with the authorities to let them know how he and his friend got to the top of the bridge without being spotted by its security devices to improve its protection.

"In many areas where you could hurt the bridge, we have different types of sensors that trigger an alarm, there is an audible and then that camera pops up on the big screen". "It is vital public infrastructure and it's a symbol of our community". "The Golden Gate Bridge is not an amusement park ride", he said, adding that climbing on the Golden Gate Bridge is a misdemeanor.

The bridge was not damaged or harmed by the climbers, he said.

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"We would like to talk to authorities about security, about preventing people from climbing the bridge in the future", Teatime said.

"We weren't doing anything wrong", he said.

Locati said the bridge's security system was "not created to protect thrill-seekers from harming themselves".

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