Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said the SNP had been in chaos

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She reminded Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson that it was a Tory administration under the late Ted Heath which decided that "in the wider United Kingdom context, the fishermen must be regarded as expendable" in 1973, when Britain first went into the European Economic Community, as the EU then called itself. Opinion polls have suggested the Tories will gain a number of seats, but SNP are still on course to be the majority party.

"Labour should also be concentrating on stopping the Tories - by pandering to the Tories they are letting down voters in this election".

He argued that politics in has "skewed to the right" under the Conservatives, leaving so-called Middle Britain - whose votes Mr Blair captured - unrepresented.

Sturgeon says Scotland needs a new referendum on secession to avoid being dragged out of the European Union against its will, and she has secured Scottish parliamentary approval for that course.

She also reiterated her warning against a "coalition of chaos led by Jeremy Corbyn".

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On a visit to Dreams Daycare nursery in Insch, Ms Sturgeon said: "We've got to make sure that there's a check on the Tories, that there's strong opposition and strong voices for Scotland standing up for progressive policies like this one, and that in Scotland can only come from the SNP".

She said: "It's fine to have a robust debate, that's what democracy and elections are all about, but using language that paints the SNP as something everybody knows we're not, I think, is irresponsible".

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale marked 20 years on from Tony Blair's landslide victory in the 1997 general election by highlighting Labour government milestones, including introducing the minimum wage, brokering peace in Northern Ireland and establishing the Scottish Parliament.

"There is every reason to suggest that with the necessary political will and commitment, these issues could have been addressed", Russell said.

Alex Salmond has said Scotland's education system is "putting in some substantially good performances", as politicians clashed on the issue ahead of the local elections later this week.

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The former chancellor said: "We now face a situation where we have a very, very uncertain future following the Brexit vote".

"Only with the Liberal Democrats can we change the direction of our country away from independence and hard Brexit and towards education investment". We were told it was a once-in-a-generation choice then, and many people believed that was the case.

The PM did not answer directly when asked if Mr Johnson would remain Foreign Secretary after the election, but insisted he was doing a "great" job in the role.

"It's for others to do that".

Ms Sturgeon wants an independence vote as early as autumn 2019 despite Mrs May rejecting the call. "It's very clear that even people who voted Yes in 2014, they don't want one".

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