Present these smart tech gifts to your Moms on this Mother's Day

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I am not nearly everyone. She established the day to be about children honoring the sacrifices their own mothers made for them. I don't like what it says about the person I was, but there it is.

Sometimes finding a gift can be hard and you just don't know what to get her.If you haven't gotten a gift already, it's not too late.

This year, as a public service to children of all ages, I'm here to help you give the ideal gift for Mother's Day. (My parents divorced many years earlier.) She talked about the life she wanted for me, and although we differed on that to some extent, I know she would be proud of the person I am today.

We always love our mothers right? However, thanks to the help of my family, my friends and my awesome father, I've been able to fill the hole left by my mother's absence as best I can. Yes, you heard me correctly. There's nothing wrong with that reaction, either. "I can't. I just can't". We cried when you put it on us, but we knew deep down that it would help because of the trust we had in you. This really is a good-natured sentiment, and I do agree with it - calling all of the important women in my life to tell them how much they mean to me is something I plan to do.

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I read somewhere most mothers don't want flowers for Mother's Day.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of people are busy.

After a period of time, people may say they forget a person's voice or the contours of a loved one's face.

Video Baby Monitor: There are websites like All About Mom that showcase some of the best things new moms should have, so they feel comfortable while taking care of their babies.

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So when that feeling of inadequacy threatens to permeate your soul, remember that you are good enough. Mom also makes my favorite foods. Think of it like you're the third wheel on your friends' date. Then take them to see her for hugs and kisses.

The amusing thing about Mother's Day is I didn't really appreciate it when my Mama was alive. Not because I don't want to see my wonderful grandma, but because it's so weird spending the day with someone and his mother while knowing it isn't really possible for you to do the same. "I love to spend time with them". No one else was picked to be the mother of your child. I waited patiently, recognizing the signs of a mother in distress.

She protected me, pushed me to do better throughout life, laughed with me and nurtured my present, future and past, she is my mother.

Things have changed for the better. I remember how I felt to carry the full weight of motherhood on my shoulders.

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My mother has always been my emotional barometer and my guidance. She taught me how to do chores in the house and principles about life that I apply in my own life now. Someone once told me that "it never goes away, it never gets easier, it only gets softer".