Le Pen's father says her stance on euro, Europe undermined her

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Trump tweeted: "Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on his big win today as the next President of France".

The Constitutional Council will declare the definitive results of the vote by Thursday.

Lines of French citizens stretched down the block at a school in central London as dozens cast their ballots in the final round of the country's presidential election.

Voters in Paris showed little surprise that former banker and technocrat Emmanuel Macron won France's presidential election in a run-off vote Sunday against the far-right populist candidate, Marine Le Pen.

With 99 percent of the polls reporting, Macron had won an estimated 66 percent of the vote to Le Pen's approximately 34 percent.

Emmanuel Macron's campaign press office says it was a suspicious bag that prompted the evacuation of the courtyard outside the Louvre museum where the centrist French presidential candidate has planned to celebrate election night.

"I know the divisions of our nation that led some to extreme votes. I respect them", he declared, solemnly.

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"I know the anger, the anxiety, the doubts that very many of you have also expressed". It's my responsibility to hear them.

"We are now the second part in the country", she told supporters. "It is up to us to confront the globalist agenda of Macron".

When he moves into the Elysee Palace after his inauguration next weekend, Macron will become the eighth - and youngest - president of France's Fifth Republic.

"A new page in our long history is opening", Macron said in French in his victory speech.

The online edition of Greek daily Kathimerini hailed Macron's "impressive victory". Le Pen's share of the vote was almost double that won by her father Jean-Marie Le Pen in the 2002 election, the only other time that their party made it to the second round.

Le Pen said yesterday that the National Front would be completely overhauled.

"It's good that we avoided five years with Le Pen, but still there is a lot of work ahead", said Alexandre Martin, a sales manager. "Israel and France have a longstanding alliance and I am sure that we will continue to deepen our connections", Netanyahu added.

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The French presidential race - which has been closely watched around the world - became the latest referendum in the West on globalization and its benefits and societal costs.

She also wanted to swap the Euro for the French franc, expel all illegal immigrants and close "extremist" mosques.

As the day began, French voters faced a stark choice.

Narendra Modi: In a tweet, PM Modi described the elections result as an "emphatic victory" for Macron.

"Marine Le Pen was so violent and ready to use fake news", he said just after casting his ballot. The E.U.is in the early stages of negotiating the exit of the United Kingdom, which is seen as damaging to the 28-member trading block, but not fatal.

During the last days of the campaign, Macron was also targeted by fake news and leaks relayed by pro-Trump and pro-Russian activists and by automatic accounts on Twitter. "I look very much forward to working with him!" This has assured establishment voices anxious about the prospect of a National Front Le Pen victory.

On Wednesday, the candidates faced off in a gripping televised debate that ran two and a half hours without any commercial breaks.

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Macron launched his own political movement En Marche! Mr Macron believes he can get the unemployment rate below 7 per cent.