FBI examines Kushner meetings with Russians

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Last July, ex-FBI Director James Comey took the unusual step of publicly announcing the end of the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server - without telling his boss, then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The then-FBI director, who Trump recently fired, was reportedly anxious Russians would leak the document if he did not end the probe into the server.

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The revelation that a doctored memo planted by the Russians may have affected Comey's treatment of the investigation is likely to raise more questions about his decision to revisit the probe 11 days before the election. So, he held a press conference and lambasted Clinton for being "extremely careless" while handling classified information (and, on a less dramatic note, he said no charges would be brought against her). However, Comey will leave that decision up to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

House oversight committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said Wednesday he had a "one-on-one" conversation with ousted FBI Director James Comey earlier this week, in which they discussed Comey's looming public testimony.

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But a new report from The Washington Post suggests one of the factors that influenced that decision might have lacked credibility itself. The document was purportedly produced by Russian... But that crime requires proof of intent, and it is not at all clear that Trump knew he was doing something he shouldn't do - the standard that Comey applied to Clinton.

The officials cited by CNN said Comey feared if the information was not made public - and Russian Federation released the information - law enforcement would be unable to discredit it without undermining intelligence methods and sources.

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The Senate Judiciary Committee demanded the records earlier this month after revelations Comey documented his telephone calls and meetings with the president in highly detailed memos - including a February dinner meeting in which Trump allegedly pressed Comey to shut down the FBI's inquiry into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Comey had also reportedly anxious that this document would leak and mess up the whole investigation because it would look like the Clinton campaign was receiving DOJ favors. He is now visiting the Middle East but Special Counsel Mueller is now officially on the job investigating the charge of Russian intervention in the 2016 US election.Schiff also echoed Brennan's assertion that individuals in Trump's inner circle may have aided Russian government officials without even realizing it. Sources told CNN that the document's veracity was irrelevant, as authorities would be unable to disprove it if it were leaked without revealing intelligence sources and methods. "If it's been publicly reported that he met with Russians, and the investigation has to do with administration officials meeting with Russians, well, then, they'll probably want to talk to everybody".