Victim's FitBit Data Plays Part In Husband's Arrest For Her Murder

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Her husband, Richard, told CT police that a man who sounded like Vin Disel broke into their home, tied him up, and fatally shot his wife.

Having examined a number of technological devices, police found inconsistencies with Dabate's story.

Rick Dabate's Facebook tribute to his wife two weeks after her murder raised eyebrows. His wife remained at home to prepare for her fitness class. Richard claimed that he returned home at approximately 8:30 am in order to retrieve his work shirt and saw his wife still getting ready to head to her fitness class. Mr Dabate said the events occurred shortly after 9am, when he had just got home from dropping his children off on December 23rd 2015. An email Dabate said he sent from his auto was actually sent from his home laptop, further causing investigators to question his story. The attacker also placed a plastic ntie around his neck, making it hard to breathe. Allegedly, the mysterious assailant beat him to a pulp, burned him with a blowtorch, and stabbed him at least a couple of times with a box cutter.

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In his version of the incident, as outlined in a warrant obtained by CNN affiliate WTIC, Dabate said he went back home when he realized he'd forgotten his laptop.

He also stated the perpetrator tied him up after a struggle, leaving Debate with minor knife wounds - claims that appeared to be corroborated when officers found his leg bound to a kitchen chair by zip ties. The call was made at 10:20 AM.

Richard told investigators his life was "like a frickin' soap opera" when they discovered early in the investigation that he had a pregnant mistress and had been discussing divorce options with his wife.

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Police also say Dabate changed his story, put in a claim for his wife's $475,000 life insurance policy and withdrew almost $93,000 from an investment account in his wife's name.

Furthermore, medical records indicated that the wounds Dabate suffered weren't incapacipating as Dabate claimed, and could have easily been made by himself.

Police scoured the area but couldn't find a suspect. The girlfriend was pregnant. A month before her death, he withdrew $93,000 from an investment account in his wife's name.

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A "wide array of digital footprints" was pieced together to show that a panic alarm had indeed been set off, but not until 10:11 - activated from Richard Dabate's own key fob.