Trudeau defends supply management, wants 'fact' based trade talk with US

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A Canadian government minister said Thursday that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's administration is looking forward to trade negotiations with Donald Trump despite the USA president's recent ramp up of criticism of Canadian policy.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who said he would be willing to renegotiate the agreement, told Bloomberg the US exported about $413 million in dairy products to Canada a year ago - while just $83 million in Canadian products came into this country.

USA officials say it is already impacting companies and farms in Wisconsin and NY - the country's second and third largest milk producing states, respectively - that rely on trade with Canada for significant revenue.

- Canadian dairy exports to the 2016: $112.6 million.

Signing his executive order to probe foreign threats to the US steel industry, the president called his perceived trade imbalance with Canada as "a disgrace".

The complaints about Canadian trade barriers are bipartisan - especially on dairy matters, as Democrats in border states have backed the President's tough trade talk.

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pushed back against Trump's comments Thursday, saying dairy is protected "for good reason".

When Trudeau visited the White House in February Trump praised the "outstanding" trade relationship between the United States and Canada, saying he would only be "tweaking" it going forward.

On energy, Canada provides the USA more than one-third of its oil imports - and does so under a stable, locked-in ratio guaranteed in NAFTA.

After milk, what other Canadian products are likely to be affected by President Trump's commercial prejudice?

The Dairy Farmers of Canada also updated their brand strategy to help consumers spot American ingredients on grocery shelves.

Meanwhile, Canadian dairy farmers had a lot of leftover, unused high-protein milk product that it could not sell.

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MacNaughton says the facts don't bear out that Canada's policies are the cause of financial loss for US dairy farmers.

"We're not going to overreact", Trudeau said. "And I think trade lawyers agree".

And as for oil, she described the stable supply from Canada as a job-creating lifeblood of the USA economy.

Canada is not the problem for US dairy producers and will stick with its system of protectionist dairy quotas, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says. During the election, Trump repeatedly attacked NAFTA, but always did so in reference to the US relationship with Mexico.

US policy-makers have decisions to make that will affect the northern neighbour on multiple fronts including: NAFTA, softwood lumber, the possibility of a USA import tax, and Buy American rules.

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Canada has regularly said it's willing to renegotiate Nafta and that certain parts of the pact could use an update.