Tad Cummins slept with teen student, his wife says

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The California man who tipped off authorities to the location of a missing 15-year-old Middle Tennessee girl and the man police say kidnapped her was awarded more than $10,000 Friday morning for his involvement in the case that garnered national attention.

The Associated Press reports that Elizabeth's mother, 48-year-old Kimberly Thomas, is due to appear in court in May to face charges of child abuse and neglect.

He continues to call her from jail, Jill Cummins said, but she won't pick up the phone, according to Inside Edition.

Griffin Barry, who is a Tennessee native, called 911 after spotting Cummins at a remote cabin in northern California.

Cummins is charged with transportation of a minor across state lines for the objective of criminal sexual intercourse.

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While Griffin, who grew up here in the mid-state, he didn't say much during the presentation, the teen's family attorney spoke on what today means to him.

Cummins and the girl disappeared March 13 as a police investigation into their relationship was heating up.

In an earlier interview Monday with CNN, Elizabeth's sister-in-law, Danielle Thomas, said Elizabeth may have thought she and Cummins were going on a one-day excursion and didn't anticipate leaving for more than a month and traveling more than 2,000 miles away.

Elizabeth is now spending time with her family and a trauma team to help her cope and heal.

Jill Cummins, who has filed for divorce, said her husband called her just days after his arrest. He also faces a federal charge of bringing a minor across state lines for sex.

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In an interview on Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield on HLN, Anthony Thomas said his daughter didn't look like herself when he first saw her. "I of course went into a rage of, 'Do you know what you've done to me?" "She didn't have a choice whether or not go with you".

A high school health sciences teacher in the Tennessee town of Culleoka, Cummins had been suspended in February, less than a month after a student reported seeing him and the 15-year-old kissing in a classroom.

"They're wonderful, wonderful girls and their daddy would be proud of them for them stepping up and being there when he wasn't", Jill said. "I'm scared to death", she said at the time. Jill said she asked her husband if he slept with Thomas, and claims he responded, "Yes I did".

"We've gone through probably the worst experience of my life so far was having her gone, not knowing where she was or how she was", her father said.

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