Haley won't rule out strike vs North Korea for nuke testing

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It was not known how he is marking Tuesday's anniversary.

As the carrier group drills continued, the USS Michigan arrived in the South Korean port of Busan on Tuesday, the US Navy said.

Commentators said that Trump was backing himself into a corner over North Korea.

(Toru Yamanaka/Pool Photo via AP).

US envoy for North Korea Joseph Yun says he and his counterparts from Japan and South Korea agreed to coordinate "all actions" on North Korea.

Citing an unidentified South Korean government source, Yonhap reported that there were signs North Korea's military was carrying out large-scale, live-fire drills in areas around the east coast city of Wonsan.

Though experts thought a nuclear test or ballistic missile launch might happen, the morning came and went without either.

On the front page of the North Korean worker's daily, the Rodong Sinmun, an editorial praised the army on its birthday and claimed "America and its puppet war maniacs" would suffer punishment with a pre-emptive strike without warning from the land and air and sea if North Korea was attacked.

"The situation prevailing on the Korean Peninsula is so tense that a nuclear war may break out due to the frantic war drills of the US imperialists and their vassal forces for aggression", Gen. Pak Yong Sik told a "national meeting" of thousands of senior military and civilian officials.

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In a separate statement, the South Korean President's Office said a meeting had been held to discuss the situation.

South Korea's defense ministry could not immediately confirm the report, according to Reuters.

"Haley said the action was an attempt by Kim Jong-Un's regime to use the American as a bargaining chip amid heightened global tensions over its nuclear and missile programs".

The flurry of activity comes as North Korea marks the 85th anniversary of the founding of its army, a significant date in the country's calendar which raises the possibility of another North Korean nuclear or missile test.

North Korea's growing nuclear and missile threat is perhaps the most serious security challenge confronting US President Donald Trump.

South Korea says a US nuclear-powered submarine has docked in the southern port of Busan, but it isn't expected to participate in joint naval exercises with South Korea. Cmdr. Jang Wook from South Korean navy public affairs said there was no plan for a drill. South Korea's navy is planning to hold joint naval drills with US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson battle group, which has trained with Japanese destroyers in recent days, around the weekend.

"The status quo in North Korea is also unacceptable", Trump told a meeting with the 15 UN Security Council ambassadors, including China and Russian Federation, at the White House.

On Saturday, US citizen engaged in relief efforts in Pyongyang was detained attempting to leave North Korea, the third American to be arrested recently. "People put blindfolds on for decades and now it's time to solve the problem".

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un did not attend.

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It is believed the United States and its allies are pushing for China to go further, and sanction Chinese companies and banks trading with North Korea.

Asked about the threshold for USA action, Haley told American broadcaster NBC that "if you see him attack a military base, if you see some sort of intercontinental ballistic missile, then obviously we're going to do that".

"I think you're gonna continue to see pressure on North Korea", Haley said.

South Korea's envoy for North Korea Kim Hong-kyun says he and his Japanese and American counterparts have agreed to "maximize pressure" on North Korea to prevent it from making further provocations.

"We agreed to warn North Korea to stop any additional strategic provocation and take intolerably strong punitive measures against Pyongyang if it goes ahead with such provocations", Kim Hong-kyun told reporters following his meeting with Joseph Yun of the USA and Japan's Kenji Kanasugi.

Kim said the roles of China and Russian Federation are crucial to apply pressure effectively on North Korea toward its denuclearization.

Amid the military manoeuvrings, the White House has taken the unusual step of calling the entire US Senate in for a briefing on North Korea Wednesday afternoon.

Kim reported from Seoul, South Korea.

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