Drake will host the NBA's 1st season awards show

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Obviously, Drake is a big fan of the National Basketball Association, attending games, name-dropping popular players on his songs, and hanging out with athletes.

The NBA has announced that the show-which will air June 26 on TNT-will be hosted by superstar rapper/singer Drake, who tweeted about the event Tuesday morning.

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Drake, 30, previously leaked he would serve as the host and producer of the awards show in a January appearance on Kentucky coach John Calipari's podcast. The program will be televised on TNT, and it will be the NBA's first awards show after their attempt to create one back in 2015.

Drake is no stranger to hosting sports award shows.

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When the highly anticipated awards show kicks off at 9 pM EST, we will get to see the league's top players, A-list celebrities and so much more! The platinum-selling rapper hosted the 2014 ESPYs and was rated a success by both MTV and CNN, though he did have an awkward on-stage moment referencing then-prospect and current Trail Blazers guard Shabazz Napier.

Additional categories that will be voted in by fans and on social media will be announced on Thursday, April 27, during TNT's Inside The NBA. The Canadian rapper is also the "global ambassador" of the Toronto Raptors, so he has direct ties to the National Basketball Association.

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