Thousands march in Mexico to demand respect, reject Trump

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Anti-Trump protesters in Mexico are holding marches today (12 February) across 20 cities in defiance over the United States president's latest immigration and tax policies targeting the nation.

Al Jazeera's John Holman, reporting from Mexico City, said this was the first mass protest against Trump in the country.

Numerous marchers were dressed in white as a sign of unity.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto cancelled a January 31 trip to Washington over Trump's insistence that Mexico pay for the wall.

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Trump signed an executive order last month calling for construction to begin on the border wall, a signature campaign promise that he has vowed Mexico will pay for - even as the Republican-controlled Congress makes plans to initially fund the wall with US tax money.

In what looked set to be Mexico's biggest anti-Trump protest yet, some 20 cities joined the call to march made by a group of dozens of universities, business associations and civic organizations. No violence was reported. Trump has also pressured USA corporations to provide jobs in the United States, not Mexico. Those comments have not gone unnoticed in Mexico.

Irene Aguilar, a university professor, said the main message of the marchers was to show the unity of Mexicans in the face of adversity.

It seems to me that Donald Trump has taken us back to medieval times.

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Last week, immigration agents conducted numerous raids around the country, scooping up hundreds of undocumented immigrants.

Trump, who launched his presidential campaign calling Mexican immigrants "criminals" and "rapists", has infuriated the US' southern neighbour.

At least we have a natural moat that doesn't have to be built separating Texas from Mexico.

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