This Chrissy Teigen & Adele Grammys Moment Is Why People Love Her

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"I can not breathe", read her first tweet, soon followed by the single word: "Dead".

Take a look at Chrissy Teigen's pre-Grammy dilemma in the post below. And fortunately, she documented all of it on Snapchat.

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"Okay, I'm home. We're having ramen", she declared in the first video, showing off her silky, orange outfit change. Then, in the next video, she's seen laying on the floor.

"Okay, he's taking it off..."

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Chrissy got most of the staining off in time, but still had a mild discoloration and she showed them off as she explained the incident on the red carpet at the event. One of Chrissy's Twitter followers even said, "John taking off Chrissy's jewelry as she's drunk on the floor on snap rn is the best thing ever". "You're flawless", he responds.

Social media would be a boring place without you, Chrissy.

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For the 2017 Grammy Awards, we put together some cocktails suggestions in honor of some of our favorite nominated divas (Beyoncé, Adele, Rihanna) along with some drinking rules to get you through music's biggest night.