The NYPD Tasered A Pregnant Teenager, Video Footage Shows

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The video from the February 10 incident shows several officers surrounding the teen, who cries, "Get off!"

"Get off of me, get off of me!" she reportedly yelled. Video of the incident, which took place on Friday, was posted online, showing Dailene Rosario being dragged down the hallway of her Bronx apartment building screaming, "Get off me!" and, "I'm pregnant!", before a plain clothes officer used the weapon on her.

Meanwhile, a man can be heard in the video shouting that Rosario is pregnant.

Dailene, said to be 14 weeks pregnant, told news channel PIX11 News she does not understand why officers turned their attention to her.

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According to reports, police had entered the apartment building in response to a report of an asthma attack, but after learning that two men were fighting on another floor, they called for backup, which garnered the help of about 10 additional officers.

Though burned and bruised, Rosario confirmed she had seen a doctor and that her baby girl was fine, according to the New York Daily News. And they admit they asked officers for a warrant before allowing them inside.

Given the history of disproportionate force leveled against people of color by police officers, many on social media are outraged.

The teen told WNBC ( ) that her sister also informed officers of her pregnancy during the incident. That's when police knocked on her door, due to what she says are false reports that she and her sister were fighting as well. When the other police officers tried to arrest Rosario, she flailed her arms and refused to be handcuffed.

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A group of onlookers gathered around the girl repeatedly shout at the officers "She's pregnant".

Rosario was arrested on charges of resisting arrest, harassment and disorderly conduct. There was no need for it. I'm pregnant. You're hurting my (expletive) arm.

Rosario told ABC's NY station, WABC, that her boyfriend and her sister's boyfriend were arguing about a video game when a neighbor alerted police officers to the commotion, which she said was already over by the time the officers arrived.

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