PS4 Update to Come With External Storage

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Sony says its forthcoming PlayStation 4 update, dubbed "Sasuke" (perhaps after the Naruto character), will add external hard drive support. Though upgrading the HDD in your console is not too hard, this option makes expanding the storage on your console much easier.

So in summary, the PS4 update 4.50 includes one absolutely unbelievable, long overdue feature - PS4 external hard drive support - and four that you could probably live without.

PS4 Update to Come With External Storage
PS4 Update to Come With External Storage

Now, your large game collection won't necessarily have to clash with your unsuitably diminutive hard drive, as going forward you'll be able to plug in a USB 3 external hard drive. With the new update, there is now support for external HDD's up to 8TB.

Sony also has more features planned for 4.50, so expect to hear more about the update as a general release draws closer.

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The PS4 will finally support external hard drives. For more on PlayStation firmware 4.50 and external HDD for PS4 becoming a reality, make sure you keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers! Although regular PlayStation 4 players won't see the update yet, those who are signed up to be beta testers should receive an email detailing how to download Update 4.5 very soon. There were a wide range of PS3 games that supported stereoscopic 3D, including first-party exclusives like Killzone 3 and Uncharted 3, that many people never got to see in action because they didn't own a 3D TV.

PS4 System Software update 4.5.0 will also include a feature that'll allow you to apply a custom wallpaper as the background image for your PS4's home screen.

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"Boost mode" may give PS4 Pro owners something new to fawn over, and standard PS4 owners another reason to upgrade. Users will also be able to watch 3D Blue-rays on PlayStation VR. The 4.5 update will be released for everyone at a later stage with a date to be announced later.

The PS4 update also adds the ability to post right into the Activity Feed on PlayStation Network, with access in various areas in the console.

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