Protestors rally at Jackson Planned Parenthood

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Amid the hundreds of Planned Parenthood supporters, there were a few small clusters of counter-demonstrators with signs about defunding Planned Parenthood and ending abortion. Graham, son of world-renowned pastor Billy Graham, said, "Planned Parenthood-the country's largest abortion provider-received over $353 million in private donations according to a recent annual report. I think they make life so much less complicated for everyone". "This is the first time I've done something like this here", he said. In St. Louis, thousands marched, many carrying pink signs that read, "I stand with Planned Parenthood".

The morning, which was largely attended by former or current health care professionals, proceeded without confrontation or chanting as people drove by or were escorted into the facility.

Pro and anti-abortion campaigners have been facing off in the US. "They see it as somebody interfering with their choice".

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The bill allows no exceptions for rape, incest or fetal abnormalities, and would also ban the "dilation and evacuation" medical technique.

While both sides are passionate about their cause, Harrington says there's more to Planned Parenthood than meets the eye. It is well known that the conservative agenda has often looked to limit access to abortion services. She said she's has been opposing Planned Parenthood for about 30 years."This is about protecting the most innocent among us". We're going back 50 years.

"People walked up and down the sidewalk, pro Planned Parenthood and people with opposite points of view, and I did not hear a negative word".

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While the broadcast networks are (finally) covering nationwide pro-life rallies against Planned Parenthood, they still have a long way to go: not one reported on the struggle between counter protesters and police as they guarded the pro-life marchers in Washington, D.C. last weekend.

Planned Parenthood's oft-repeated claim that only 3 percent of its business is abortion is misleading, Lee said, because various services rendered to support abortion are counted separately.

"This is a way women get educated, get protected", she said. They take advantage of vulnerable people who are in trouble.

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Chenell Donadee, who was at the Protest Planned Parenthood event and is an intensive care unit physician, said the facts provided about abortion rates and access to family planning and contraceptives may provide an answer that can satisfy both parties. "That's to provide education and birth control".