Lady Gaga's 2017 Grammys Outfit Shows Off Her Tough Side

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The Metallica duet with Lady Gaga at the Grammys was doomed by a stagehand who got reckless with James Hetfield's mic. seconds before they went live. Though Bakare referenced her fiercely political segment at last year's Super Bowl in which she spoke up for the Black Lives Matter movement, her 2013 performance is a much closer analogue to Lady Gaga's effort. It added even more fiery, reckless energy to the performance, which peaked with Gaga stage diving for a quick crowd surf.

They are not to be performed by pop singers, even the well-meaning ones who are clearly fans of the band. It was nice to see Mariah's tech get another job to be fired from, I suppose. Mainly because Gaga wore perhaps the riskiest outfit on the carpet... a cut out top that showed off her breasts, tiny leather hot trousers and super tall paten leather boots!

The Grammys were a fiasco for Metallica. Plus she also dressed up as David Bowie at Grammy 2016.

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On Feb. 12, the best and brightest names in music will be attending the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California, one of the biggest music events of the year.

According to People, Gaga took the stage with Metallica. Not long into the tribute, however, she stopped and asked the show's producer if she could restart the song. As the band began to play, singer James Hetfield's mic was not working.

Watch the performance below and tell us what you think in the comments.

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The most surprising and unusual performance of the night will be Lady Gaga.

While Gaga announced her Joanne tour last week (she'll be at Fenway Park on September 1), rumors swirl that Metallica will announce their own tour very shortly.

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