Ivanka Trump's brand removed from stores is viewed as a political statement

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The first daughter of America, Ivanka Trump along with her crude family went for the first foray on Air Force One.

Sears Holdings Inc.'s announcement Monday followed weekend reports it had dropped 31 Trump products from its website. "In light of statements made by Donald Trump, we have chose to discontinue our business relationship".

Baio is an outspoken advocate of the Trump administration, as well as having supported President Donald Trump's campaign for the White House during the Republican National Convention, according to The Washington Post.

This is all thanks to the Grab Your Wallet campaign that has been successful thus far in getting Ivanka's products dropped in protest to her father's interesting ways of governance.

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"I do think it is interesting that TJ Maxx instructed their employees to discard signage of her brand", Lewis-Goldstein said.

As Sears and Kmart acknowledged their decision, theWall Street Journal reported that Nordstrom's sales of Ivanka Trump-branded products had been in free fall prior to their decision to pull all her merchandise from its shelves.

Stores said that they stopped selling Ivanka's products because of the low customer demand.

New arrivals from the Ivanka Trump brand over the past month were down 32 percent from a year ago.

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It is the latest indication of how various companies are trying to maintain a balance after US President Donald Trump whipped Nordstrom for failing to sell his daughter Ivanka's products. But, while many brands have traditionally been loathe to take a stand, out of fear of alienating customers, a political stance is emerging as helpful, according to pubic affairs firm Global Strategy Group. We are disappointed and distressed by recent remarks about immigrants from Mexico....

Baio, a vocal supporter of the president, took a page from the Roy Cohn/Donald Trump playbook, hitting back hard the next day.

Despite the pulling down of Ivanka's products, #GrabYourWallet boycott said it will continue to target Burlington. This means it is not a brand someone is particularly looking for. "Given the social, moral and ethical tumult created by Trump's candidacy and now his presidency, brands are increasingly having to weigh in", he told Retail Dive last week.

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